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Samsung Galaxy Note 3 : How to enable safe mode?

Safe mode is a way of troubleshooting to know if a third party application is causing harm to your phone. If your phone slows down, the screen freezes, applications close unexpectedly-you can enable the safe mode to detect the problem. Safe mode temporarily disables all the applications downloaded from Google play. It changes all the

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 : How To Turn Off Keypad Tones?

In today’s world we all want to personalize every single item that we possess. From handsets to wardrobes each and everything must be set to suit our needs. We want to set our own ringtones our own caller tunes and also the little sounds such as the key-tap sound…..!! Your Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 : How to type chineese?

Among the various other amazing features offered by Samsung galaxy note 3 is the feature to change the input language on your mobile phone. Now isn’t this amazing. Until today we could have sent a personalized gift but sending it your own native tongue is something really thoughtful. Receiving such a message when we are

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 : What is car mode and how to set it?

While you are driving you really can’t risk multi tasking, keeping one hand on steering and the other one with a phone in it. Car mode is a convenient, easy to use feature which as the name suggests is used while driving! Car mode enables you to multi task. Just activate S Voice and you

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 : How to Delete Saved Pages?

You can save the important web pages which you wish to view even when you are offline. In this way, your phone will not load the web page again and again. It will help in saving time and faster viewing of pages. These saved pages can be viewed by clicking the star option. Later, the

Samsung Galaxy Note 3 : How to enable camera voice command?

With S voice feature of Samsung Galaxy Note 3, you can click your pictures just by saying “cheese”, “shoot” or “click”. S Voice is like a voice activated function. It follows what you say. This feature comes handy when you don’t want to use your hands or you are making a perfect pose and clicking

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