Samsung Galaxy S4 : How to set up call rejection message?

When you reject a phone call, you can set up a rejection message and sent that message to the caller. This may be useful when you are in a meeting or doing something important. The steps for setting up the rejection message are below.



1) Go to the home screen.
2) Tap on “Phone” icon
3) Tap the menu key
4) You will see a small pop up. In the pop up menu select “Call settings”
5) Tap “Set up call reject messages”.
6) In the Reject messages screen, tap on “Create” (+) button.
7) Now, type the message you want to use when the call is rejected.
8) Tap on “Save” button at the top right corner


Thats it. When somebody calls you, to use this rejection message, just tap on the message. The call is rejected and the message is sent to the caller.

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