S7 Edge Review2 : Frontwinner with mixtures of best !

S7 Edge Review : Why Do I need S7 Edge?

I already have a good working smart phone. Now why do I need Galaxy S7 edge? What’s special in it? Why do I need to buy Galaxy S7 edge? Like this there are so many questions arise on your mind. Well. This article analyses everything with the S7 Edge review. The answers you need to know for your questions and what’s special in Galaxy S7 edge are hundred percent analysed in this Galaxy S7 edge review.
S7 Edge Review : Frontwinner with mixtures of best

S7 Edge Review : Frontwinner with mixtures of best

S7 Edge Review : Water Damage and Big phone problems solved

In this S7 Edge review, let us see few problems that we had in the existing phones. Sometime back I was having an Samsung Galaxy S3. My son dropped the phone in water while he was playing. In a minute, Galaxy S3 is just gone. Even rain drops may cause the phone water damage. So I switched to another smart phone Samsung Galaxy Note 3. What happened is the phone size is big 5.7 inch and it is fantastic however I needed to have more grip when handling the phone. hmmmm. Bit worried whether will it slip from my hands..Is there any solution for these kinds of problems? I well thought about that. Let us see whether that problem is solved in this S7 edge review.

S7 Edge Review Question : Is there any water proof phones now apart from S7 edge?

S7 Edge Review : Frontwinner with mixtures of best

S7 Edge Review : Frontwinner with mixtures of best

Is there any other water proof phone available in the market now? While doing S7 edge review, let us see whether any other provide is giving water proof facility? What about other phone providers? Are they making water proof phones like Galaxy S7 or Galaxy S7 edge that I can choose from them? Does apple or google provides the water proof phones? Not yet. However they may provide the water proof phones as like S7 edge may be in sometime soon. So what is the best option available now to choose the phone in current market? The answer is Galaxy S7 edge.

The phone is water proof and water resistant. According to the IP68 standards which is defined for waterproof, the Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 can be inside with 1.5m water for 30 minutes without any issues. It will still work amazingly. Please remember to dry out the plugs before plug in.

S7 Edge Review : What is different in S7 edge from previous phones? – Take the best and do the rest :

When I thought about Samsung Galaxy S5, well it was having performance issues. The phone is awesome. However I tried to find out nearly perfect phone. While reviewing the Galaxy S7 edge I nearly feel this is the phone that attains the perfection. How? Lets analyze in this S7 edge review.
Samsung improved the performance issues on Galaxy S6 a lot a lot. However there are some battery related problems in S6. So it took the best of the previous models and incorporated all of them in Galaxy S7 edge.
To increase the battery life, samsung lightly increased the device thickness. It is very minor but the benefits are large. Now the battery can hold more than one and half days with 3,600 milliamp-hour. That is excellent.
The S7 Edge is available in white, gold,black and silver colors.
In 2015 I noticed Samsung introduced design level changes for the Samsung sets. The plastic back has been changed with metal with glass and it resembled in Galaxy S6. In Galaxy S7 edge, Samsung added the same design feature and added the curvy look at the edges. So can I buy this phone now? What do you say?

S7 Edge Review : Is bigger phone problem solved in Galaxy S7 edge?

S7 Edge Review : Frontwinner with mixtures of best

S7 Edge Review : Frontwinner with mixtures of best

Galaxy S7 edge comes with 5.5 inch bigger screen compared to the previous Galaxy S6 (5.1 inch) which is however lesser than Samsung Galaxy note’s screen (5.7 inch). The exact size is 150.9 x 72.6 x 7.7 mm
One of the biggest problems of big screen phone is difficult to hold by one hand because of the size. Samsung definitely thought about this and made a huge improvement on the curvy design of the Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. The phone slides as a new born baby on one hand with easy and soft control on the grip of the phone. It will easily be easily handled with comfortness with more grip. With the bigger screen now you can easily hold it. It will give the compact feeling when you are comparing with the bigger version of iPhone 6s plus. Read more to know about the Galaxy s7 edge review.
Samsung Galaxy S7 edge has bigger screen compared with google’s Nexus 5x (5.2 inch) and lesser than Nexus 6P’s screen (5.7 inch). It is the average of these two screen measures which makes the perfect feel in the hand.
The AMOLED screen is in deep black color with rich color combinations which produces the needed right eye catchy brightness from low dim light to glittering shiny sun light.

S7 Edge Review : A camera as like DSLR

Whats special on Galaxy S7 edge camera? Can I use that as like a DSLR camera? yeah. Sure. That feature is added. Is the camera is improved compared to the latest iPhone 6s plus? Yes. S7 edge has a camera with focal length f1.7 aperture. Using this you can take quality pictures even on dark. And another thing to note is that you can just double tap on the home button and take the picture. This will definitely help in taking the picture faster ! Also the problem of having saturated looking in the feel using iphone 6s is not present in Galaxy S7 edge. The images look sharper. Thats what we need right?
S7 Edge Review : Frontwinner with mixtures of best

S7 Edge Review : Frontwinner with mixtures of best

Also can I take pictures in low light resolution? The galaxy S7 says yes with perfect resolution. In Galaxy S7 edge, Dual pixel technology for sensors is introduced. Now your phone is like a DSLR camera. So what can’t you buy Galaxy S7 edge? So you are taking pictures of moving object? A racing car? a running child? Just click click with Galaxy S7 edge. The pictures are amazing. Galaxy S7 edge has 12MP rear camera and 5MP front camera.

S7 Edge Review : An awakening 24/7 display always

The screen is always awakening. It is lit and show the time even on night without even touching it. That is really fantastic. I don’t even need to touch the phone to see the time in the night. That is good.

Resolution Improvement in S7 Edge :

The screen is having more brightness with 534 Pixels Per Inch (ppi) which is higher than Google’s Nexus 5x(423ppi) and Nexus 6P (518ppi) phones. Aslo this resolution is much more than Apple’s 6s resolution (326ppi).

Processor For S7 Edge:

Samsung Galaxy Edge S7 uses quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor. This processor is the next level processor compared to Google’s Nexus 5x which is using (Snapdragon 808) processor.
S7 edge uses two kinds of processors based on the regions. In Europe and UK, it is available with Exynos 8890 octa-core processor. In US market and in the rest of the world it is available with Snapdragon 820. This provides more graphic power.
S7 Edge Review : Frontwinner with mixtures of best

S7 Edge Review : Frontwinner with mixtures of best

Internal Storage:

32GB and you can use microSD card for the storage.

RAM Capacity:

Galaxy S7 edge has 4GB RAM capacity. The S7 Edge phone has very good multitasking abilities. With 4 GB memory, it loads apps and games faster, smoothly switches between apps easily. The processor makes this possible. Galaxy s7 edge review adds more points for these.

Operating system: Android 6.0 with Touch Wiz

S7 Edge Connectivity :

WiFi, NFC, Bluetooth, WirelessCharging, LTE and GPS.  Wireless charging feature for S7 edge allows faster charging of the device. However wireless charger is not included with this. The battery size is large and it is excellent. It can hold charge for even 2 days once charged. When you do wireless charging, it will be charged at the rate of .5% per minute. The weight of the phone is 157g.

Few Observations while reviewing S7 Edge :

Samsung reduced installing unnecessary software in recent years. This unncessary software is called bloatware. However there are few applications pre installed in the device based on the carriers. They are showing notifications and alerts without asking user’s consent.
Facebook and gmail alers are not always on.
Installing a carrier application that pushes alerts to the user without explicitly asking for permission beforehand is a blatant disregard for the user
Galaxy S7 edge has 30.4% more processing power and it is 63.9% more faster than S6 phone.
S7 edge doesn’t have the heating problems as like the many of the other phones. It uses more advanced cool pipe. Interestingly the cool pipe is not having any liquid and the the cool pipe looks similar to of type Microsoft Lumia 950 X.


S7 Edge Review : Frontwinner with mixtures of best

S7 Edge Review : Frontwinner with mixtures of best

So what did we learnt from Galaxy s7 edge review? The new fingerprint feature on S7 edge works like a charm. However one advise is do not use it when your fingers are wet. In the current phone market, Galaxy S7 edge is the best phone you can currently buy or upgrade now. It sets new model and guidelines for the phone. This year may bring other new phones with other provides with same features.
Pros : So why I do want to buy this phone finally? Reasons are simple and lot. Awesome screen, Faster processing power, fantastic battery life, water resistant and water proof, wireless charging, dominant camera with microSD card provision, sleek design
Cons : Why I will hesitate to buy this phone? One simple reason is it is expensive, screen may be less size if I compare with 5.7 inch. The battery is not removable and I was bit worried about that. Other than that I am not bothered about microSD card updates since it may be provided faster in the coming months.
Rate: 5

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